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While the funds have been used to help greater than 600 families with unique and specific needs, some patterns have developed. In many instances the funds are offered to help working parents (often single parents) take a brief leave from work to care for their children. Imagine having to decide between accompanying your child to the initial stages of chemotherapy or keeping your job!  Often the funds are used to provide transportation or to address temporary living close to the hospital for out of town families when other options are fully booked. And in other cases, the funds are used simply to provide rent, mortgage payments, or utilities when a family is starting to break under the incremental economic stress that increased out-of-pocket medical expenses add to an already challenged budget.


The money is most often used to clear obstacles that would prevent treatment. Nonetheless, there are also times when families and patients have unique needs for financial help that go beyond treatment. Grants from Moppie's Love have provided support for several special patient circumstances, such as:

  • For a young woman with cardiac damage, a gym membership
  • For a teenager battling leukemia, a prom dress
  • For a teenage boy, the ability to freeze his sperm to ensure that he can have children
  • For a terminally ill 18 year old girl with a difficult home life, several months to her in her own apartment so that she can experience adult life
  • For several families, unfortunately, funeral expenses so that they can properly bury their loved ones 
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